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Codename One is software development tool aiming to simplify cross-platform development for mobile devices. It is free to use, but you are limited to 100 'builds' per month. There are a series of graduated tiers each offering more functionality, etc. It integrates with the Netbeans, Eclipse, and Intellij IDEA integrated development environments.

I am just starting to test it out (as a plug-in for Netbeans) on real-world examples.


Installation (Netbeans)

The installation with Netbeans was very simple. Instructions are found here.

I did encounter a problem using the tool that was related to the installation. Whenever i attempted to add an Action Event through the Codename One GUI, it gave a permissions error:

  Cannot run program /path/to/project/root/src/userclasses/ error=13, Permission denied

This was ultimately caused by the GUI being unable to find the Netbean application. After installation of the plugin, start up the Codename One GUI and select File -> Setup Netbeans. Then find and select the file (from Applications etc);make sure to drill down far enough to actually find the Netbeans "executable"...

Note: I am not sure if this problem was caused because I had a version number in the Netbeans folder (Netbeans.8.0.2); I cannot imagine that this issue is widespread.

Errors Opening Samples / Tutorials

If you get errors opening one of the Codename One sample apps, saying there are missing dependencies, simply resolve each error my linking back to the applicable demo folder.

See the details here.

Online Resources

Resources Suggested by Codename One:

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