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git is a modern source code control system.


Resetting Passwords from the Console

Reference: Resetting Passwords

 cd /var/opt/gitlab
 gitlab-rails console production

Find user either by id, or by email:

  user = User.where(id: 1).first


  user = User.find_by(email: '')

Change password (must do both!)

  user.password = 'newPassword'
  user.password_confirmation = 'newPassword'


Git Graphical UI Tools

So far i have tried a couple; still unsure which i prefer - i often find myself coming back to the command line. However, i'd really like to find a good tool that will help with merges.

My current favorite is GitHub Desktop.. (2021-11-06)


Apparently this is supposed to come with git. It doesn't look like it is on my machine. AT some point i will have to try this (if only becuse it comes with git and therefore ought to work well with git...

OK, i take that back. I assumed you ran it with "git-gui". nope:

  git gui

But it might be an older version because it is throwing a Deprecation Warning on startup....



This one has promise, but i couldn't get merging back into the main branch to work the way i expect. Otherwise it seemed nice.



This one is built by Atlassian. I used it a while ago and then stopped (not sure why). I am giving it another try.

GitHub Desktop

I am giving this a try right now. It seems to be working reasonably well no matter where the repo is (more than just GitHub).

Main Site:


  ## Follow this link for further updates to Github Desktop for Ubuntu
  # UPDATE (2021-10-18): Thanks to Amin Yahyaabadi's message, the updated code is as follows
  sudo wget
  ### Uncomment below line if you have not installed gdebi-core before
  # sudo apt-get install gdebi-core 
  sudo gdebi GitHubDesktop-linux-2.9.3-linux3.deb

Create a new Gitlab Project from Local Repository

In the situation where you have a local project and repository, you can create a new Gitlab project (as origin) as follows.

On Gitlab:

  • ensure that any program groups are created, ie: iphone
  • create a new project under that group
    • create a 'blank project'
    • set the project name, ie: Vehicles
    • ensure that the Project URL has the naming you want, ie:
    • and the 'project slug' is lowercased project name, ie: vehicles
    • enter something for the Project description
    • set Visibility Level to Private
    • click Create Project

Now, from the local repository:

  • take a look to see if there are any remotes already defined
  git -v remote
  • if there are any, you can rename them:
  git remote rename origin old-origin
  • ensure that git is clean and committed locally
  git add *
  git commit -m "prep for pushing to new origin on gitlab"
  • if there are branch naming issues, we can sort that out later
  • create linkage to remote and push everything (check url and names as appropriate):
  git remote add origin
  git push -u origin --all
  git push -u origin --tags

Online Resources

Lars Vogel's git Tutorial

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