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I will organize these at some point, but right now I just want to store these somewhere....

Online Documentation

Onion Omega2 Documentation - Online

Initial Setup

I tried to register for the OnionCloud as part if the initial setup - it just hung. Reading some other user experiences, it seems it is better to update firmware, etc, first, before trying. So i just went back to the browser to and restarted the setup...

Changing IP Address

(from online manual)

For example, if we wanted to change the Omega’s IP Address to we would enter the following:

  uci set network.wlan.ipaddr=

Now once we have set our IP address, we’ll want to save this. The generic command to save a setting is the following:

  uci commit <CONFIG>

The config we’re changing is network, so we’ll enter the following to save our changes:

  uci commit network

Now once you’ve saved your settings, you’ll need to restart the network to apply the changes with this command:

  /etc/init.d/network restart

Upgrading the OS

Connect through ssh to the onion

  oupgrade --latest

Note that this is the latest, not necessarily the --stable release

WiFi Setup

Use the wifisetup command line tool

  wifisetup help
  wifisetup list
  wifisetup remove -ssid network_ssid

To run a simple command line setup:


Reference information on wifisetup can be found here.

Setting up a Cross-Compiler

The Omega2 is pretty space limited, and apparently compiling a non-trivial program can take a while. The solution is to cross compile the program on a laptop, and then download the program to the Omega. There are a couple of different tutorials on doing this, but some of them do not work. I eventually found this tutorial that does (caveta: "hopefully will" as i write this). I fired up an Ubuntu 18.04 instance in VirtualBox and set up the cross compiler stuff there.

Cross Compiling Programs (Tutorial)

Setting up this environment is sure easier said than done. So far no luck, but i will keep trying as time permits....

Error: conflicting types for copy_file_range

Got it working (finally). I used the instructions from the Onion documentation (not docker). Need to apply the above patch. (Base system was Ubunto 18.04)

Onion's Instructions for Setting up Cross Compie Environment


- need to compile libugpio through the LEDE system (menuconfih, pick in Libraries, then make)

to build the example gpioRead program

  sh xCompile.sh -buildroot ~/onion/source -lib ugpio

copy file to omega

 rsync -a ./gpioRead root@omega-4e2f.local:~/


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