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Welcome to aoxoaWiki. I was looking for a place to keep notes, tricks and assorted reminders on how to do things that I come across in my work. I originally thought a blog would work, but it's not organized all that well. We started using a wiki on one of the projects I am working on, and I realized this was the correct tool!!! I hope you will find this useful as well.

Operating System

Apple IOS


Microsoft Windows

OpenSuSE Linux

Oracle Unbreakable Linux

Oracle VirtualBox

Raspberry PI OS (Debian)

Application Software

Bugzilla - bug tracking software

chkrootkit - security software

CocoaPods - a dependency manager for Cocoa projects

Codename One - multi-platform development tools - WAMP messaging

cs2cs - see PROJ.4 Cartographic Projections Library

Drupal - content management system

drush - see Drupal - command line administration for Drupal

git - version control software

GnuCash - book keeping software

Lynis - security audit tool

MariaDB - see MySQL

MediaWiki - wiki software

Minecraft - the game

Moodle - online course management software

MySQL - database software

Oracle - database software (and more)

Photoshop - image editing software

php - a server-side scripting language

PROJ.4 Cartographic Projections Library

QGis - GIS (Geographic Information System) software

rkhunter - security software

Samba - file sharing

SQLite - database software (lightweight)

ssh - secure shell

StatCounter - website statistics

TestDisk - disk recovery tool

Tomcat - web server

Tripwire - security software

Unison2 - Usenet News reader

VirtualBox - virtual computer software

WAMP - Web Application Messaging Protocol - see