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Welcome to aoxoaWiki. I was looking for a place to keep notes, tricks and assorted reminders on how to do things that I come across in my work. I originally thought a blog would work, but it's not organized all that well. We started using a wiki on one of the projects I am working on, and I realized this was the correct tool!!! I hope you will find this useful as well.

Operating System

Apple IOS


Microsoft Windows

OpenSuSE Linux

Oracle Unbreakable Linux

Oracle VirtualBox

Raspberry PI OS (Debian)

Hardware Topics


Raspberry Pi

Hardware Projects

Application Software

Bugzilla - bug tracking software

chkrootkit - security software

CocoaPods - a dependency manager for Cocoa projects

Codename One - multi-platform development tools - WAMP messaging

cs2cs - see PROJ.4 Cartographic Projections Library

Drupal - content management system

drush - see Drupal - command line administration for Drupal

git - version control software

GnuCash - book keeping software

Lynis - security audit tool

MariaDB - see MySQL

MediaWiki - wiki software

Minecraft - the game

Moodle - online course management software

MySQL - database software

Oracle - database software (and more)

Photoshop - image editing software

php - a server-side scripting language

PROJ.4 Cartographic Projections Library

QGis - GIS (Geographic Information System) software

rkhunter - security software

Samba - file sharing

SQLite - database software (lightweight)

ssh - secure shell

StatCounter - website statistics

TestDisk - disk recovery tool

Tomcat - web server

Tripwire - security software

Unison2 - Usenet News reader

VirtualBox - virtual computer software

WAMP - Web Application Messaging Protocol - see